14 Dead in Black Friday Bloodbath, Countless injured

14 Dead in Black Friday Bloodbath, Countless injured

New York-US, Americas national day of better value bargains and purchasing stuff you do not need, is fast-becoming every day of mourning. Reports indicate that �dozens� of men and women are already killed around the world within the vicious melees brought on by Black Friday Deals. In Texas, 4 men were brutally killed by way of a advanced 52 inch 4K Samsung televesion which tragically toppled looking at the display cabinet the effect of a ruckus below, it is not known how many others were hurt but there are some reports of �pixel related injuries, coloured bleeding and lcd tv burns.� In Cleveland three people were mysteriously strangled to death in broad daylight within a Walmart store with a man they�re dubbing the �Black Friday Killer�. The murder weapon was a Walmart display sign that has been advertising the national holiday, information currently investigating. Local sherrif Dom Hicks said �This happened facing people but nobody saw one thing, 60 seconds or so the victims are waiting in the group, the next they�re gone. When the group clears there they’re, lying dead which has a 80% banner wrapped around their necks.� Also to show that Black Friday doesnt discriminate, even during the affluent Chicago California, 7 people died after being accidentaly locked in a very Target store, it’s thought that they continued to brawl over pieces of clothing and in the end reverted returning to their primative nature, adopting a tribal attitude and in the end killing each other in the bargains. Store worker Alex said �It was horrendous, we left last night thinking a store was empty but it wasnt, they stuck around and were killing the other person over turtle neck sweaters and crocks.�



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